Kart & Engine Packages

We can supply a wide variety of chassis and engines in both 2 and 4 stroke configuration. While we specialize in 4 stroke engines we are able to supply Rotax, MiniRok IAME KA100 and PRD engines and parts at competitive prices.

Follow the link to our store page to see an example of packages available. 


If you're looking to try 4 stroke karting, give us a call. We have a complete 4SS Torini kart for lease at selected events we attend. 

We also have a SEK twin Honda kart available for you to try your hand at endurance karting if you feel the need for longer races or more engines. If you're interested in a corporate season long package we can help with a competitive and reliable package. We have a great track record over many years.

Endurance kart packages for SEK NSW and QLD competition. We can supply a wide range of new packages with locally built chassis. Complete ready to run packages with twin Honda engines. For those looking for something imported from the UK or Europe we can assist with BRM, Wright or MS chassis. Contact us for pricing.

We are also a great point of contact for used Honda SEK packages as a result of having many customers in the series.

We have recently shipped a complete new Zenspeed kit to QLD and sold a used package to a new SEK NSW competitor. We currently have one more complete used Zenspeed and one Warspeed used package available with new or used engines. Contact us to discuss options.


If it's an engine you require we can help with tailoring a package that suits your needs.

Briggs LO206 Package is only $1675 while stocks last, supplied with

  • Engine sealed for use with 4SKANSW/KA

  • Complete exhaust system

  • Clutch with choice of front sprocket

  • Chain guard

  • Carby and air filter

  • Accelerator cable

  • Engine mount

  • Pulse line fitting

  • 1 bottle of Briggs 4T racing oil

If it's Torini your after we have some great deals. Once again we can make up a package that suits your needs.

Torini Clubmaxx 210 engine package is only $1545 while stocks last, Supplied with

  • Complete sealed engine for use within KNSW/KA

  • Exhaust

  • Noram GE20 clutch as approved

  • Accelerator cable

  • 1 bottle of run in oil

  • 1 Bottle of race oil

  • No engine adapter supplied. Can be added or supplied with full adjustable engine mount.


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