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  • New kart supply and assembly, ready to drive with trackside support available.

  • 4 stroke conversions to your existing kart with your choice of engine. Cadet and junior karts included. We have done a number of cadet and junior conversions utilizing ex SEK sealed GX200 motors. A great choice for cost effective and reliable social kids karting. These packages are still quick enough to lap your local circuit in times near that of an old Yamaha J but without the need to mix fuel and worry about tuning or fouled plugs.

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  • Kart maintenance and prep for your 4SS, SEK, TEKA or 4SKA equipment. We have many years experience in endurance karting with an excellent track history of reliability. Our theory is you pay money to be racing not parked in the pits doing repairs or maintenance that should have been done before you left home.

  • Dyno tuning and diagnosis of Honda GX series engines, Briggs & Stratton Animal & LO206, Subaru KX21 and Torini engines. We have tuned many engines over the years and our customers have won many races. In fact the field at SEKNSW is the closest it has been in years, We have provided parity and fast tracked the improvement of many new teams. We take the guess work out of engine setup and give you the performance that could take years of costly on track testing.

  • Clutch testing and tuning. With the recent release of GPS based timing systems, we now have the data required to accurately tune clutches to each track when used in conjunction with our engine dyno. Using the latest software we can not only give power readings but also accurately determine actual performance with data showing accurate acceleration times. 

  • Engine development with proven results. Many products and engine packages are on the market and they claim exceptional power increase, but do they have the ability to back their claims? With our extensive data acquired over the years we can actually show you comparisons. It's easy to make claims and throw numbers around but can it be proven. We have done plenty of parity testing with surprising results.

Below is an actual dyno sheet of an SEK Honda GX200 engine comparing 4 mufflers that are available on the market. 

  • Green trace indicates a performance muffler sold as an upgrade. Readily available online and sold with packages that apparently increase power to beyond 8 HP

  • Orange trace indicates a standard box muffler.

  • Pink trace indicates the SEK power pipe control muffler for SEK endurance.

  • Blue trace indicates the RLV muffler with custom header that we sell as an option with Honda 4 stroke conversions.

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  • Complete 4 Stroke Karting Solutions

  • Professional Sales And Service 

  • Conversions And Modifications

  • Dyno Tuning

  • Breeding Race Winners

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