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Benson steering component replacements.

With the older style Benson steering components becoming near extinct and falling behind in terms of technology and development, we looked at developing a conversion to conventional C sections allowing the use of modern camber & caster adjusters.

Some may ask why when you haven't seen a stub axle that incorporates a C section in years. Well they are still very common in endurance karting with a number of manufacturers using Benson steering components over the years.

The design using a 30mm I/D tube to house a "slip in" bearing barrel has proven to be extremely durable and as such many older chassis are still being used for endurance karting. The problem faced is wheel alignments were difficult, accuracy was difficult and maintaining the settings over long periods was unheard of.

Our conversion uses 90% Righetti Ridolfi parts off the shelf with the option to use more cost effective pill type adjusters.

Parts are available now to convert your Benson, F1 or Joker endurance kart chassis.


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