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New arrivals for July and more coming.

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Just arrived has our latest order from NR Racing, one of the USA's largest 4 stroke specialists. We now have new stock of the popular NR billet linkage for Honda and some clone motors.

Also arrived was a lovely package for a GX270 project for John at In2Karts. The package included a sweet ARC billet Rod, Big cam and many smaller items to assist with the build.

Remember we can special order any parts from NR Racing and include in our regular orders to save you on freight.

A new delivery of 30mm Hollow endurance karting axles has landed. Despite the falling Australian dollar we have been able to slightly reduce freight and absorb some of the increase. Price remains unchanged at this point at $229.95. Proven product as supplied with Zenspeed chassis. Available in 2 configurations to suit most chassis.

Also arrived this month is a new wet weather intake for the Briggs LO206. This new product is approved for Briggs racing in the USA and is the best wet weather option seen to date. Used with the stock air filter, flow tested and dyno tested to prove no loss of power.

We also had split sprockets arrive. Precision machined 2 piece sprockets produced as split sprockets. We put faith in one of our USA suppliers to provide us with a proven product. With 60 years service in the USA and a major supplier to the U.S Briggs racing community we trust the quality of products supplied to us. Perfect for 4SS karting or any 4 stroke karting with inboard sprocket.

Available currently in 69 to 76 teeth at just $22 including freight.


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