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October stock update!!

We have more stock arriving plus plenty of old favorites. Keep an eye out at the track for all your 4SS or endurance needs. We will be at Lithgow 2 consecutive weeks. Firstly Saturday 9th November for the final round of SEK endurance then the following Saturday for the Final round of the 4SS Thundersport tour.

Arriving this month we have 19 tooth clutch drums to suit the Noram GE approved Torini clutch. This is a great option for those using the GE clutch over the GEL fibre shoe as most of our customers are. The 19 tooth allows use of the smaller rear sprocket as some chassis just don't allow for the large sprocket inboard. We also have the 16 tooth option but this requires a very small rear sprocket. Luckily we now have rear sprockets from as small as 60 teeth. That's right 60 teeth right up to 83 teeth. Be aware that these smaller GE drums may not be legal for use with karting Australia but KNSW allows the sensible option of any size clutch drum. We also have spares to suit all the Noram approved Torini clutches.

Also arriving are more OTK mychron brackets. We will again have stock of brackets to suit both Mychron 4 and 5 from $50. Don't forget we have full replacement bolt kits for OTK karts in our fastener section at $99 as well as OTK brake pads $70, brake seal kits and aftermarket steering columns for $49.95.

Kerb riders for OTK and Birel karts are $80 for a set of 3.

For the Torini owners we have plenty of parts in stock and now keeping engines in stock also. Such is the growth and popularity of 4SS we have just about everything in stock in the shop as well as in the trailer. Replacement oil breather for those wanting to relocate the supplied breather, jet kits, mufflers, gaskets and spark plugs. With the end of season fast approaching now is the time to consider changing your pull start rope before it lets you down. We have stock of replacement handles and heavy duty rope from $6

We haven't forgotten about Briggs owners. We have plenty for you as well. All gaskets and Champion spark plugs for $7.95. Best value Briggs 4T oil @ $28.95 per bottle and don't forget the new USA approved rain cover for $54.95

We have plenty of general parts arriving also with the full range of black numbers on yellow background for just $2 each.

KG nassau pins and grommets, quality Senzo fuel line $5.00 per metre, Fuel filters and retainers, reusable hose clamps, tanks and fittings.

Don't forget our nut and bolt kits. They offer great value. 2 kits on offer but of coarse we can customize kits. We have seen others try and duplicate these kits and fill them with washers that cost nothing. Our kits offer the best value.

We will also offer bulk discounts for other small shops owners.

Sprocket protectors are on their way again. We sold so many we are having trouble maintaining our stock level.

Remember you can place your order and select the manual payment option and wait for us to contact you, especially if you have selected multiple items and you feel the freight has calculated incorrectly. This is a common issue with all online purchases.

As always we are available by phone for all queries and advise or message us from our contact page.


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