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30mm Hollow Endurance kart axles

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

We are currently out of stock of our 30mm Hollow endurance kart axles. So popular are these axles we have had to place regular orders all year. What started as a slow moving product for SEK endurance use, it quickly became a hot item with TEKA competitors when the rules changed for 2018 allowing hollow axles.

New stock should arrive early in the new year. As these are imported from one the best manufacturers of endurance kart part, we won't take any chances with shipping over the Xmas period.

The axle shown has a full length keyway, however our axles are made to order in 2 different key options. The first will accept a brake disc on the left hand side adjacent to LH inner rail. this will commonly suit some older Benson chassis, F1 chassis and some Joker chassis as produced by Five4 engineering and Sydney Karting Warehouse.

The centre brake option has a longer centre keyway to suit a wide range of chassis including the new Australian built Maverick and Zenspeed chassis along with MS Warspeed and Benson with centre brake.

Without a doubt the best performing axle on the market.


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